When fixing AC became a big headache…

“One of my friend, along with his family recently shifted to a new city, due to his recent posting. He is a bank manager and he gets his new posting after every 3 years or so, So, packing stuffs moving to new place after couple of years, has become a part a parcel of his life and his family.

Happiness to get posting where one dreams of, doesn’t come so easily. Hell lot of pressure about where he would get his next posting, whether it will be a completely new place, new people and new culture always haunted his thoughts. Whether new place, new city will have good school for his kid, amiable locality for his family is all what keeps on playing on his mind.(until he finally got to know he is moving to an awesome city)
I had a long conversation with him when he was going through the phase of getting his next posting. More than himself, he was concerned about his wife, 4 year old son and parents, His parents wanted him to fill his hometown as his first choice of preference, On the other hand his wife wanted a life far from the restrictions and family pressure, She loves her in-laws a lot but have few apprehensions in mind. So amidst all this, which ill call tug of war my friend chose three cities where he wanted to get his next posting. Namely, one of his parents choice, the other wife’s choice and the third one may be because there was no other alternatives left. But, to his sheer surprise and shock, he got his posting to some very new city which was not on his list of choice.
He messaged me and shared about his new posting, I was happy to hear that he is moving to a very good city in terms, where all his requirements could be met. Where he will find bunch of good schools for his kiddo, Awesome climate, posh locality and above all a well setup branch with good and supportive staff. (which he discovered after quiet few days).
Now, comes the big challenge of getting things packed and move on. Lot of hard work, physical and mental pressure, monetary expenses, taking care of dues, bills rent , selling stuffs, discarding unwanted items. Getting parted with friends, colleagues, itself is a big roadblock.
Finally, the day came and they moved to new city, called the “Wine Capital of India “yes you all guessed it right. He moved to Nashik with his family.
After staying couple of days in hotel, finally the couple found an awesome locality and rented a flat on 6th floor, My friend seemed to be very happy while he was talking about the beautiful and well maintained society and flat. He told how happy and satisfied he was to find a place which exactly he dreamt of.
As, the flat was not furnished, again a new battle of purchasing new stuffs and furniture started. This time his wife took all the onus and responsibility of taking care of everything related to setting up the new home. At this point of time I must mention here, that she is very confident and self dependent , though she is a full time homemaker, and in Indian society it is considered that if woman is a homemaker she can’t be termed as self dependent, which I feel is completely wrong statement.
Okay , so moving ahead, She did her research, explored the unexplored market, furniture showrooms, shops and places where she can find all what the family needed to set up their new “Aashiyana” Now, comes the real story, which I wanted to highlight that how people become so insensitive and unsupportive. Despite of helping out new neighbors, offering them helping hand, to make them feel comfortable, the residents of the locality made a very small issue, which I even don’t consider as an issue, A trending topic of discussion and blame.
The thing is my friends wife called electrician to fix their AC , while the outdoor unit was getting fixed by the electrician, the family discovered that this became a trending hot topic of discussion amongst the neighbors, the news of fixing up the outdoor unit outside the balcony of their own rented flat, spread like a Wildfire, the couple started getting phone calls about how they were spoiling the beauty of the flat and locality by placing the outdoor unit in balcony, the couple was blamed for being so irresponsible and uncultured, only because they were getting their AC fixed. To let you all know, my friend’s wife is a wise and smart lady, before the AC was getting fixed she already talked to the caretaker of the society to accompany her and witness about the right place where her AC unit was to be fixed. Here, my point of writing this whole story is to ask you all:
1) Whether the landlord should have not specified all the terms and conditions prior to giving this flat on rent.?
2) Whether the caretaker should have not told the couple beforehand what was acceptable and unacceptable in that society?
3) Whether the neighbors before spreading this news as wildfire on whats app group of their locality, should have not told the couple that where the AC unit needed to be setup?
This is not the end of story, to add more pinch of salt to this incident, when the couple told that they need AC to be fixed the landlord and the other tenant asked them that what was the need of the AC in such a pleasant climate, Don’t you feel that its an individual choice what he or she wants or need?
Will our neighbors decide what we should have or have not in our home. Ahhhh….how people can be so judgmental and gossip box for making this incident such a big issue……………
I feel that the couple will always remember this incidence whenever they ll sit and relax with their AC switched on. LOL.
So, a piece of advice for everyone who is moving or shifting to a new rented house, Do ask your landlord and all neighbors about what to fix where and how.


Interest and Inclination

When things seems unclear, when path of progress is cluttered and hope to find out answers is getting covered by the fog of uncertainty, Just stand up and speak to yourself that Your journey is still going on and lots of efforts, hard-work and positivity is required to reach to the destination.  

This is the most powerful feelings and roller coaster I was going through, once in my journey of choosing a right career  for myself.

A Post graduate in Mass Communication and a Soft-skills and Personality Development Trainer by profession, I too was uncertain about my future when I was in my mid 20s.

Every second person acted like a career adviser, and used to give free advice. Family members were not too much aware that time about trending courses and job opportunities. At the midst, of confusion and a state of complete despair and ignorance I heard my inner voice, where my past experiences reminded me of being a decent orator, As I used to win several prizes in debate and speech competitions held at school, district, zonal and regional level too.

This past experience, Interest  of mine helped me to chose my career as a Soft skills and so called Communication Trainer.

To let you all know, I was always scared of numbers and still I am suffering from Arithmophobia, “A feeling of tension, apprehension and fear, I was an anxious Math’s student who always used to avoid situations wherein I have to perform mathematical calculations. My distance from Math and Closeness with English language helped me a lot to decide what I wanted to do, What I was good at and what career fitted my interests and skills.

I definitely feel that Interest and inclination towards the subject matters a lot for everyone to pursue his/her choice of stream and dream career. It’s an other side of the coin that how much one end up earning. Sense of satisfaction and happiness acts like a fuel for a long run career,  where Everyday seems to be a new day full of challenges and opportunities.

To summarize, Ill just end up saying that do explore what you love doing, helps you to feel happy and what ignite a spark in you. Pick for a passion that makes the perfect profession.


Exploring new opportunities

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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